Hi, My name is Abhishek Sharma and I am a web-developer and designer living in India.
I devlop Web Applications and User Interfaces. I also do retouching work.

What I Do

Currently I am working as a Full Stack Developer in a Gurgaon based startup. I've also worked as a freelancer and delivered projects. I have considerable experience in NodeJS, PHP, ReactJS, CSS, MySql, MongoDB and other web technologies. Also, I've worked on apache server configuration, GIT, Unix, EC2, JIRA, TDD etc. In the free time I generally google stuff or dive in Stackoverflow and a bit of social networking.


Who I Am

I am a curious creature who is attracted towards technical stuff and web based technologies. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering in 2015.


My Skills

I've experience in NodeJS, ReactJS, PHP, HTML, CSS3 (and frameworks such as Bootstrap3), ES5 ES6, Linux, Apache Web Server, TDD. I've also worked in Python2.7 and flask web framework. I am also familiar with the MySql and MongoDB Databases.
Here are some of my certifications.

Say Hello.

Ping me : contact [at] abhisheksharma.me